ROLBOL Club is a non-for-profit volunteer based social club aiming to connect professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, homemakers and intellectuals of society with the single motto, "Go Together - Grow Together".
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 It is a boost of scope for ROLBOL Club members which is through the non-profit and volunteering efforts put together. These opportunities have bided in the framework of Entertainment, Networking & Exchange of Businesses, A pillar of Learning, and of course, Charity to uplift the society we are a part of.

 With a power of the mindset of 18-70 years of age for the members of the ROLBOL Club, the motto of “Go Together-Grow Together” is thoroughly operationalised via the insights, brainstorming sessions, empowerment to creativity, and adjoining the different cultures to build a harmonious environment within.

 Different chapters of the ROLBOL CLUB will be processed throughout the different latitude and longitudes of the globe that proves the point of creating a single global empowering network for a common man to the most respected public figure to join their ideas, talents, network, and experiences. This will help each one of them to grow, learn, and share the gift they have achieved back with the society left behind.

 There’s a strong ground in ROLBOL Club to bring forward Recreational activities for the ultimate improvement of the Mental & Physical health of each member of the society. This can be done through charity as well to make targeted people’s rest of life best of life.

 Highlighting Objective

Social Networking Casual Meetups over Coffee/Meal

Get-together with Club Members

Theme based Outing

Trekking, Jungle Safari, Couple Trip, Father-Son Trip, Sister-Brother Trip etc.

Annual Community Meet

National and International Meet-ups with Community Members

Unleash Your Talent StageShow

Unlock Your Talent and Shine


Share Your Passion

Film Festivals

Express your Imagination through Reel

Fun-filled Activities Funchayti

Picnic, Movies, Open Mic Sessions, Games etc.


Indoor and Outdoor Games

Unlearn and Relearn Explore Yourself

Spiritual Session, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki Session

Skill Exchange

Skilling Session

Social Responsibility Cleanliness Drive

Clean and Green is our Perfect Dream

Plant a Tree Drive

Celebrate Your Special Moments with Plants

Say No to Plastic

No Plastic is Fantastic

Helping Needy

Helping others is a good feeling

Volunteer for Social Cause

Be a Part of Something Bigger than Yourself.

Gear-up your Business Business Growth Sessions

Interactive Sessions to Recalibrate Business Strategy and Accelerate Growth

Business Summits

Network with the different Stack Holders of Business Fraternity

Annual Signature Program

2-3 Days outbound Business Empowerment Program

  Let's Join and Get Access

  • to the Global Community of Likeminded People
  • to fun-filled Social Networking opportunity because ‘Network is Net-worth’
  • to Upgrade your Skills
  • to Continuous Learning
  • to Explore New Places
  • to Contribute Your Part to the Society
  • to Showcase your Talent Globally
  • to Grow your Business

  Procedure to Join ROLBOL Club   JOIN US

It’s very Simple!

  • You should complete 18 years of your age at the time of joining
  • You should be a Citizen of India
  • You should attend a Coffee Date

 Coffee Date

It’s a gateway to give yourself the lifelong opportunity for becoming a member of the ROLBOL Club where 15-20 strangers meet, greet, talk, and share ideas over a cup of coffee.