What is ROLBOL?

An Abbreviation of Rest of Life – Best of Life

ROLBOL is an epic worldwide community and platform for people who believe in being the leaders of their own and bring a revolution forward in the world together with their talent; they are also ready to extend the helping hand to those who are in need of making their “Rest Of Life Best Of Life”.


"Be the Leading Global Platform to help every Individual to make their Rest of Life - Best of Life".


 To aid people in recognizing their potential and outgrow their global connections in the most fun-loving and engaging ways.

 To build a platform where confidence is earned and mined, reaping innovative ideas for the betterment of the lives of those around us with positivity as the glue to make the community stronger together.

 To be a rocking and challenging knowledge bank that comes from the people and delivers itself to the people like professionals, businessmen, or even students.

 To welcome home the potential business collaborations with certain scope of growth along with the promise of expected returns.

3Cs – The Proud Pillars of ROLBOL
Connect | Communicate | Collaborate

Connect is for everyone to bond and brainstorm their creative thoughts to invent and reengineer new opportunities and evolve their networking skills.

Communicate is to solve the impending obstacles and to promote thinking out of the box solutions by offering worthy and elite experiences.

Collaboration includes comprehensive approach of both personal and professional view for ROLBOLiansby giving them equal opportunities to earn, share, and associate with achievements.

Founding Team

At Rest of Life Best of Life (ROLBOL), we are an astounding platform for the people, by the people, from the people. This has been the thought with which we have been working for the betterment of each and every person that comes in contact with us for changing their lives positively with the aim to reach the highest realms of life. We take pride in introducing to you the face and the founder of this modern and beneficial platform of Rest of Life Best of Life; meet Darshan Sankhala, an Indian entrepreneur and the man with a mission, who functions with the aim to build a brighter and happier future for everyone.

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Gagan is an enthusiastic alumnus of IIT-BHU having great motivation to make positive development with his own innovation and creativity. He is having 10 years of rich experience of leading corporates and educational institutesworking in education domain. During his professional journey, he has realised that purpose of education is not teaching academic curriculum, but should embrace the lessons of life skills to inculcate the sense of ‘how we can contribute to the society’. And this is the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey with ROLBOL which he co-founded with an inspiring soul Darshan Sankhala.

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Amber Sharma was born in India. He has come from humble backgrounds and he has got 15 years of corporate experience. He is currently living in Australia and working for an international firm. His expertise is strategy, real estate, and marketing. He is a resilient person who can think out of the box in any difficult situation. He has the DNA of an entrepreneur. He wears multiple hats when required and he has hands-on experience for making any company successful. He has been the co-founder of successful start-ups. He has joined us as a co-founder leading the organization in the right direction and streamlining our operations and working on the new strategies for new revenue models.

Viren Nagvanshi is a young entrepreneur who has been working with promising startups. One of the major startup in which he is working as a Director is ROLBOL.Rest of Life Best of Life (ROLBOL) is an outstanding platform for every individual’s growth and betterment.

He believes in the philosophy that you only live once, and life is tragically short. The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. So, he joined with founder at initial days of Rest of Life Best of Life (ROLBOL) and created a platform to spread more awareness and positivity in the society with vision to take out the best from individuals.

The young man has been trained by renowned business coach like Dr. VivekBindra and N Raghuraman.

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Advisory Board


Devendra Kumar Gupta

Founder & CEO- Ladli Foundation Trust

Devendra Kumar Gupta


Monty Sharma

Award Winning Music Composer

Monty Sharma