Signature Program

‘Go Together, Grow Together’ mindset helps to live our ‘Rest of Life - Best of Life’ and to make it more impactful we organize some special programs called Signature Programs annually. It renders every moment more happening and encourages the community members to stay active always.


ROLBOL Festival is a 3-day annual celebration aiming to encourage all the community members to stay active and motivated. Each day has a specific theme and all the ROLBOL Clubs across the globe organize events under the same theme. During this time, all the members are likely to participate and play their part. The moment is to celebrate the growth of each member, club, and community as a whole.

This festival is celebrated most likely in the third week of December every year under the guidelines of Community Headquarters and all the community members relish in the best possible way.


In our every-day busy and cluttered schedule, we are missing out on some of the great and positive things from our life. That’s why ROLBOL Festival is celebrated-

  • To encourage all Clubs to stay active and motivated.
  • To promote happiness and celebrations in daily life.
  • To string together all Clubs with a single theme and create a strong bond among all members.
  • People experience the feeling of happiness and positivity around all the clubs.
  • Go together and Grow together mindset gets strengthen and people learn to work in harmony.
  • As the bonding among all the members gets stronger, the results community gets stronger.

स्वयं से मुलाकात

स्वयं से मुलाक़ात is a 2-day beautiful annual program creatively crafted for all the ROLBOL Club members to explore within and find a connection with nature. It is more like an outbound detox vacation in a place close to nature.

This program consists of yoga sessions, meditation sessions, trekking, nature walk, games, and other activities for complete wellbeing. It helps to improve physical fitness, mental toughness, and emotional balance.


We all are well connected with the outer world but how with the inner world?
That’s why is program is-

  • To take off from all the cluttered activities of your daily life and find yourself closer to nature.
  • To understand self and nature to create a better connection.
  • To know the value of LIVE IN PEACE.
  • To nourish mind and body.
  • Detoxification of mind and body.
  • Complete relaxation and live-in peace.
  • The Strong bond between human and nature creates harmony in society.


The Annual Meet is an annual global conference where all the ROLBOL Clubs connect, communicate and create cosmic opportunities to collaborate. It is a biggest platform to all the ROLBOL Clubs to showcase their annual work and shine globally.

In this Annual Meet each ROLBOL Club gets a chance to present their overall progress on various Projects and Activities, membership growth, innovative initiatives, special achievements etc. in front all the community members, and then the best work gets recognition in a beautiful award night.

  • To create a global networking platform for the exchange of ideas, skills, impressions, business, etc.
  • To provide a stage for all Clubs to showcase their work and get global recognition. This eventually motivates others to do better.
  • To spread the wave of positivity and happiness in the society
  • The Global networking platform accelerates personal as well business growth.
  • People get great global recognition for their innovative work and motivate others to do better. This promotes healthy competition within all the Clubs.
  • Members get great bonding opportunities with other members.

‘Let’s make Rest of Life Best of Life’

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