Project And Activities

We believe that every individual should live the best of their lives and that is the reason, PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES
Are created especially for you.

Project And Activities


The name says, Fun + Panchayati, the outdoor casual meetups in the form of the Theme-based Outings, Anand Mela, Picnics, and may more cool ideas to meet and greet. Funchayati is an occasion to encourage people to go outdoors, join others in joyful gatherings, and find opportunities to connect. Funchayati includes-

Casual Meetup:

Casual meetups are the roads that connect people and find opportunities to communicate and collaborate. These are the fun meetups and in the form of some dine-ins, picnics, and movies. Activities in casual meetups are:

  • Lunch/Dinner/Coffee
  • Picnic
  • Movies
Theme based Outing:

To refresh our minds, we all need a small break for fun and Panchayati. And that’s why the ROLBOL community keeps on conducting some fun theme-based outings and trips for all. The themes can be couple trip (Father-Son, Mother-Daughter, Brother-Sister, etc.), adventure, or exploration trip.

Aanand Mela:

A funfair, which helps to generate revenue for the social cause. Anand Mela is always the best idea to connect the people and indulge them in some fun activities. And all the funds they generate through this directly transfers to some charitable organizations. We can also say ‘funfair for the social cause’.


Lifestyle is the key element to live our Rest of Life Best of Life, but due to the busy schedule, people are it missing out good lifestyle events. ROLBOL Community offers it here. ROLBOL lifestyle events embraces the activities for self-branding and presentation, health and wellness of mind as well as body to make people understand the happiness mantra for life. The event details are as follows-


Presenting yourself is a key art to unlock success. Through this art, you can successfully control how others see you. It doesn’t mean to change yourself, but the way you present yourself.

BrandU® includes the programs for-

  • Build Charismatic Personality
  • Brand Yourself
  • Become Influential Speaker


Wellbeing stands for mental wellness, physical wellness and digital wellness for all. We believe mental, physical and digital wellness are the most important part of a good lifestyle. So, we organize various wellbeing programs like:

  • Spiritual Session
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Zumba and Aerobics
  • Walkathon and Cyclothon
  • Detox for Digital Media


Sports develops a sense of friendliness among the people and develops team spirit. It also activates our nerves system and energies our body. For this we emphasis on Indoor & Outdoor sports events.


When we look at the sky, the shiniest star steals the glance. ROLBOL Community lets you to showcase your talent and shine bright globally. Following are the activities we organize:

Open Mic

Open mic events bring the opportunities to showcase your talent. We create an environment to bring out the hidden artist within you and help you achieve name and fame globally.


ROLBOL Skill is a learning event where people can exchange their skills and knowledge. We believe that there is no age of learning to upgrade yourself as per the upgrades of the world. For this we regularly organize:

  • Upskilling Sessions
  • Knowledge Sessions
Think Tank

As the name says, a program to present your imagination and reform it to the next level. It is more like a brain exercise where you can push your brain to exceed its limit. Following activities are the part of it:

  • Debate
  • Group Discussions
  • Chai pe Charcha


ROLBOL Talks is a global communication platform for the people who own the power to redefine the world with their creative ideas, determined willpower, and never giving up attitude to share their life-learnings, failure stories, and experience to help others to live their ‘Rest of Life - Best of Life’.

This talk show is creating a space to present yourself in front of the whole world and express your emotions, gratitude, love, care and share experiences of life. It covers the topics from diverse fields of life viz entrepreneurship, education, public policy, sports, entertainment, and social initiatives, etc. in various languages.


We promote the social responsibilities as an individual hold. We believe that everyone needs to be responsible for the society they are living in, and to pay off in better way, ROLBOL Community organizes following social events having a big vision behind it.

Save Environment

Protecting the mother nature is the most important part of our social responsibility.
The way we save our beloved things, we need to take care of our environment as well. For this, we run various campaigns like-

  • Cleanliness Drive
  • No Plastic Drive
  • Plantation Drive
Organ and Blood Donation Drive

Blood & organ donation service is the best social service to the humanity. It is a noble cause as by donating blood & organs, one gets the opportunity to save someone’s life. This not only brings happiness to someone’s life but also makes a difference in life.


Charity is something which helps the needy and make us happy. It clearly defines the phrase, ‘Sharing is Caring’. Keeping all these things in mind, we present to you the charity programs like food donation, blanket donation, cloth donation etc.


ROLBOL Community always believes in creating opportunities to grow business to signify the “go together and grow together” mindset. We create ample of opportunities to grow your business in a harmonious environment. This includes:

Business referral sessions

Business referral programs are organized on regular basis to accelerate the sales and increase the customer base for community members.

Learning Sessions

The learning sessions are specially customized for you to learn from each other and upgrade yourself with the upgrades of the world to grow your business. It will help you to recalibrate your business strategy for fast-track and sustainable growth.

Business Summit

Business Summit is a program where business owners of all the sector can connect, communicate, and create cosmic opportunities to collaborate. A good platform for networking with entrepreneurs and increasing the scope of business.

‘Let’s make Rest of Life Best of Life’

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